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About Us


Esther and M’orock started Glory Esther Beauty with women of all races in mind. They are inspired to make women feel beautiful and confident. Esther suffered hair loss and thinning for about three years and tried many products on the market with little to no results. With Esther’s extensive knowledge about hair as a cosmetologist and M’orocks knowledge of science and health as a registered nurse, they partnered to create products with ingredients that are gentle, promote growth, combats itch, restore health, balance, shine, and volume. Esther and M’orock understand that a woman’s hair is her crown and Glory; regardless of how she decides to wear it she needs to feel confident and strong knowing that it is healthy and beautiful. Esther and M’orock are the epitome of beauty themselves and believe that every woman should enjoy a pop of color with your beautiful and healthy hair. Our prayer is that these products will bring you peace and gladness in your heart every time you use them.